Trae vs. The Box Feud Now Has Its Own Web Site

Things have been quiet on the Trae vs. 97.9 The Box front for the past week or so. Rocks Off assumes that's because the rapper is looking for another site willing to host his annual Trae Day (still scheduled for later this month), and the radio station is trying to find some DJs who won't slip some Trae tracks or guest features into their playlists, either on or off hours. Apparently that's not that easy to do.

But if anything new does pop off, you can read about it right here, of course, and now also at cantbanthetruth.blogspot.com, an aggregator entirely devoted to keeping Houstonians (and anyone else who's interested) up to date on the feud. Rocks Off discovered this site earlier today and was glad to see a link to Shea Serrano's cover story for the Press a couple weeks back prominently displayed.

There's also a timeline, a few videos and our favorite part, a photo gallery up top that scrolls through the various personalities who have been affected by the fallout. Rocks Off will be bringing you an exclusive interview with one of those folks, former Box DJ Brandi Garcia, very soon.

Here's Can't Ban the Truth's mission statement:

This blog is an attempt to consolidate all news and information in regards to the KBXX 97.9's ban of Trae Tha Truth's music and business endeavors, as well as to discuss their well known practices of being selective as to which local artists they choose to support.

This site is not to bash KBXX 97.9 The Box, but hopefully to create an awareness that will eventually lead to 97.9 The Box being one again the great local radio station that we all loved.

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