Trae's Lawsuit Against The Box Appears To Be Over

Apparently the long, dramatic saga of Houston rapper Trae's lawsuit against local radio station 97.9 The Box has come to an mysterious and abrupt end. Fox 26 News reported earlier today that Trae and his legal team have dropped the suit they filed back in May that alleges The Box put a ban on both Trae's music and advertising or other promotion for any events where he was scheduled to appear; in turn, attorneys for Box parent company Radio One have dropped the countersuit they filed.

The suits were dropped without any settlement from either side; they're just gone, the station reported. Trae's attorney, Warren Fitzgerald Sr., confirmed to the station on Saturday that the suits were dropped Thursday - also the day of Trae's annual Trae Day concert/fundraiser - but declined to say why or what, if any, terms were reached.

Since the alleged ban was put into place after the release of Trae's The Inkredible Truth mixtape last fall, several Box DJs, including Brandi Garcia and trio the Kracker Nuttz, have been let go from the station after playing Trae's music either on the air or at outside events.

That's about all the information Rocks Off has been able to gather at this point, but our operatives are looking into it further. We will update you as soon as we are able to find out any new information.

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