Travi$, Our New Favorite Artist, Crawls Around Inside His Own Brain, Finds Bloody Fingers

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World, meet Travi$. Do not dismiss him because he used a dollar sign instead of an "S" in his name. Give him a chance. It'll take four minutes (though we're suspecting if you let the video play for more than 0:30 and it doesn't push you into a seizure, you'll be sucked in for the totality of it).

Go ahead. Go on. Watch the video. We won't start without you. Go.




Done? Okay, great.

That was something, right? We've probably watched that thing 10 times since it fell into our inbox. It never gets old.

Travi$, from Houston but seemingly existing elsewhere in dark space, is clearly talented (and likely a little bananas), so we're attaching ourselves to his spaceship. Interview ahead. There is talk of pig heads, abstractionism and Kanye West.

RO: Tell everyone everything they need to know about Travis Scott in exactly six words.

T: If I could explain myself in six words, I wouldn't be who I am. But, I am energetic, artistic, compelling, handsome.

RO: We spent a fair amount of time listening to your music after you and I got together initially. It is splendid. How have you remained invisible (to us, anyway) for this long.

T: I really don't know. I do as much as I can to spread my art, but some people pay more close attention to the wack shit and ignore the true art.

RO: Couple of questions about the "Lights" video, which, by the way, was very enjoyable.

T: Thanks very much.

RO: First, um, what the fuck is going on in it? Because, yo, there's a lot of weirdness in there.

T: It's a lot going on in the video, I know. But I really wanted to get my point across. Growing up on Jean-Michael, Kaikai Kiki, Keith Haring, these guys really taught me the true essence of expression and I feel like music is paint in its own form.

RO: There's a part in there where there are, like, some bloody fingers and a cut-in-half pig's head. Why?

T: The abstractionism of it all is amazing. I feel most people feel that way but don't ever wanna say it out loud so I do it for them. "Love Sick" isn't only about love with the opposite sex, but it's about anything you fall for.

Rocks Off: How many times did you listen to Kanye's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy whille you were making that "Lights" video?

T: I actually didn't at all. Umm, people tend to compare me to Kanye, but I am me and he is himself. I work with a lot of the same people he does as far as mixing and production and I feel we sort of have a similar taste, but hey, what's wrong with that?

RO: You used to be a part of a group (Travis and Jason, we believe). But now you're on your own? Why? And how much longer until you release more music?

T: The music I did while in Travis and Jason was amazing, but I feel that the content really had no longevity. I felt I was deeper than that and I wanted to explore that. I felt my friend is more one sided in his vision, so I had to break off and explore. Even though I moved on, he is still my bro for life.

RO: Anything else you want to gets mentioned?

T: Ahh, yes. Hi, mom and dad. Owl Pharoah is gonna be something great -enough said. And expect to hear some of my with your favorite artists as well.

Follow Travis on Twitter at @TRVISXX.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.