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True Blood: The World of Dark, the World of Tomorrow

Alan Ball was known for his masterful use of music in Six Feet Under. He's lost none of his touch when it comes to his current HBO series, True Blood -- which happens to be set in the Louisiana swamps, not terribly far from Houston.

On its surface, the fifth episode of this season of True Blood wasn't any great shakes. The plotline involving Tara's (Rutina Wesley) new life as a vampire remains forced, and the new branches focusing on Terry (Todd Lowe) being pursued by a fire demon sent from a vengeful, wrongfully killed non-combatant in Iraq and Sam (Sam Trammel) trapped in series of shifter-related hate crimes that is one of the season's few connections to the fifth novel in the series aren't exactly gripping. Under the surface, though, a great and powerful allegory is waking up.

Two things dominate the thematics of the season, the Dark with a capital D, and living in a changed world. Up until this point in the show there has always been a sense of people learning that the monsters they fear are real, and for the first time since childhood they are forced to face the dark.

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