Turbo Fruits: Now That's A Band Name!

Rocks Off likes Turbo Fruits a lot. It's a loud, rock-roll-icky, semi-glam group out of Nashville that is more than capable of using sick sounds to seduce your mom and making you watch.

Frankly, that image - using various mothers - is all that runs through our head listening to the Fruits' new single, "Where the Stars Don't Shine." We think they would want it that way. They're also putting together a rock and roll cruise featuring some of the nation's top garage bands. Not as thought-provoking as the Gothic Cruise, perhaps, but it still sounds like a wild time.

The question before the court of the judge with one f, though, is why call such a dirty little rock act something so incredibly pleasant as Turbo Fruits? It sounds like a sugary lunch treat. We grabbed bandleader Jonas Stein by the lapels and screamed at him until he told us where the name came from.

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