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Turning the Screw: Fat Pat, Trae, Shane Sparks, Gucci Mane, The Kanye, Maino, Eminem, Kid Cudi, Bun B and More

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Single of the Week: "No Glory," Fat Pat

Wire to Wire

So Trae spent the holidays handing out thousands of pairs of shoes to needy kids and visiting terminally ill children. What'd you do? Open some gifts and pretend like you liked them and then chided the person who gave you the gift as soon as they left? Cool, cool.

About a year and a half ago we wrote - we're using the term "wrote" here loosely; mostly we tried to interview them about the inner workings of their organization but ended up talking at length about the time a car fell on one of their members - about a Northside rap conglomeration called The Big Body Click. One of the main guys was a rapper named Cande Man. He was a particularly likeable fellow, which is precisely why we were so saddened to hear that his father, Minister Harole Wayne Stewart, passed away this past week. Our sincere condolences go out to his family.

We didn't get to link this last week on account of the recap that we did, but Shane Sparks, a judge from America's Best Dance Crew and celebrated choreographer, was charged with eight counts of child molestation.

We're not sure which is worse: This Gucci Mane Christmas cartoon that's supposed to be making fun of Gucci Mane, or this actual Gucci Mane track called "Bingo" that features Soulja Boy and Waka Flocka that accidentally makes fun of Gucci Mane.

All of the rap blogs are posting that "Reflection Eternal" single.

Kanye popped in at Kid Cudi's show in L.A.: "I wonder if God asked Michael how to Moonwalk."

King Magazine is back and T.I. is out of prison. We're arguing with ourselves over which one is the better news.

Seen this? It's a video of some no-name rapper giving an interview while he's having sex. It seems like something that should be interesting or sorta funny, but mostly it's just uncomfortable to see.

Oh man. Maino has never been one of the guys we just had to listen to, but this new track, "Get 'Em Tiger," is pretty fly. Wonder how Tiger feels about his found credibility among rappers.

Here's that "3 a.m." video from Eminem that everyone is saying is the best of the year. We know it's supposed to be all gruesome and whatnot, but every time we watch all we ever think is, "Man, that guy is really in shape." Probably not what he was going for.

Saw how Kid Cudi and his people got arrested? That turned out to be a case of mistaken identity. Said the arresting officer, "Oh, my bad. I thought it was DMX. We've got a long-standing directive from on high to arrest DMX on sight. He's pretty much always done something illegal. And he's black. I mean, that's two strikes right there."

Asher Roth denied rumors about being gay. Said Roth, "Of course I'm not gay. Who said that? Was he cute?" (Actually, Roth didn't comment directly on the issue, his label did. The joke just works better with him as the subject. So there.)

A while back we linked to a story about M-Eighty, a guy trying to break the record for the longest freestyle rap. He did it, rapping nonstop for more than nine hours. We're not sure if that makes him really dedicated, or really dumb. Probably both.

Houston Rap Video of the Week

Because you either missed it or forgot about it:

"You're My Everything"

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