Turning the Screw: H.I.S.D., Ludacris and Obama, KRS-One, Dogg Pound, Outlawz, Biggie Smalls and More

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Welcome back to Turning the Screw, Rocks Off's weekly rap/hip-hop post, keeping you in the loop on new music, music news and other tidbits related (at least somewhat) to rap and hip-hop. E-mail tips to introducingliston@gmail.com. Thanks, homies.

Single of the Week

“Never Die,” Hueston Independent Spit District

Wire to Wire

Local news always cuts to the front of the line: Hip-hop conglomeration HISD are releasing their seasonal digi-tape Summer Sessions for free via www.peaceuvmine.com. These guys are dope, plus there’s a shitload of members, so chances are you probably know one of ‘em anyway.

Shocker: Hanging out at rappers’ parties is not safe. Not even Jermaine Dupri’s.

Ludacris, who was recently inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame, went out of his way to prove Republicans right by support Barack Obama’s bid for presidency with the above ditty...

...from which the Obama camp quickly distanced itself, calling it “Outrageously offensive.” No word yet on how they feel about "Crank Dat Obama" (above), but we think it’s rather catchy:

KRS-One is campaigning for the Million DJ March. Yeah, we said the Million DJ March. Apparently, DJs aren’t participating in community activism or voting enough.

Probably the most surprising bit about this claim is not that the diminutive Florida rapper Plies may have lied about his criminal past, but that his first name is "Algernod." What the shit is that? Is his dad a wizard or something?

Dogg Pound, "Let's Play House"

Considering that we spent the better part of Thursday morning watching old Dogg Pound videos on Youtube, we were amped to read this interview with Daz Dillinger.

We’re not sure we’d pay $2 million dollars for Juelz Santana, not even if he came with a suitcase filled with $2 million dollars.

50 Cent and his son’s mother still aren’t getting along. It sure is fun to watch people go from being famous to not. We’re really looking forward to seeing him on the next Surreal Life. Maybe they can do a whole G-Unit themed season.

Outlawz, "Fork in the Road"

Which is the greatest rap group ever? If you didn’t say the Outlawz, then you’re stupid. Apparently.

Kidz in the Hall attacked by security. Man, not even nerd rappers are safe.

MTV needs your help deciding this year’s VMA winners. But only a little.

The government gives a sideways apology for slavery so, you know, it’s all good now. Right.

You know what we always thought was funny as shit? At the beginning of Biggie Smalls' "Come Roll Wit Me" (above), when he says, "There’s gonna be a lotta punchin’ in this muthafucka." There’s no recent news to ties to that, but whatever, we write this column, you don’t. And we like that rappers used to make threats with mere punches.

How pissed were you when you found out Chris Brown was secretly schilling for Wrigley? Probably not as those stodges over at Gawker.

Nelly is the latest signee to model underwear for Diddy’s Sean John line. Geez, we hope this doesn’t demean the integrity of “Grillz” or “Flap Your Wings.”

Three Pointers

Three CDs out this week you otherwise never would have heard of (but are available on amazon.com nonetheless):

Jedi Mind Tricks, Animal Rap

Messy Marv, Cake and Ice Cream

40 Cal., Mooga - Shea Serrano

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