Turning the Screw: K-Rino, Bun B, Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, C-Murder, Lil' Kim, Flavor Flav, Guccie Mane, Mike Jones, etc.

Welcome back to Turning the Screw, Rocks Off's weekly rap post. It probably won't rhyme, at least most of the time. E-mail tips to introducingliston@gmail.com. Thanks, homies.

Single of the Week:

"Phony," K-Rino

Wire To WireAlways good to read something from Bun B.K-Rino had an album release party.

Buy the man's album. He just might be a genius.

Oh, hey, a rapper wants to pitch a reality TV show.

That's original.

Weezy's Rebirth got a December release date.

If this album drops, it will be a horrible, horrible career move. We're saying, did you see him "playing" guitar in Chris Brown's "I Can Transform Ya" video? It was like when one of our 2-year-olds tries to use the computer.

Snoop Dogg is going to ring the NYSE bell.

That, in no way at all, can foreshadow anything not horrible. Except maybe if you have stocks in Dickies and hair relaxer. Then it might be a good omen.

C-Murder's appeal

is being handled by two lawyers for free because he can't afford to pay. Their first suggestion: Change your name, dummy. We really feel like we should be making fun of that

Black Dynamite movie

more, but we're certain we'll end up with a whole bunch of "You're a racist" comments and emails. (Why is it that people who leave negative comments never understand the difference between "you're" and "your"?) Lil' Kim skipped out on some shows in London because she

"had a nosebleed."

You're welcome to make your own jokes with that one. Holy guacamole:

Slash has asked Cypress Hill and Fergie

to help out with his "Paradise City" lost.

Flavor Flav owes nearly $200,000 in taxes.

He could probably start by selling that clock he wears around his neck. Those are, what, $9.99 at Wal-Mart, right? That only leaves $199,990.01. Baby steps. That's how we'll get this done.

Gucci Mane is getting locked up.

Gotta feel bad for him. He was really starting to get paid.

Oh, and Lil Boosie's going to jail too.Xzibit appears in the new movie Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans with Nicolas Cage.

Are we the only ones who immediately started hoping for rumors of a

Con Air 2

movie to surface after all of that "Nic Cage Is Broke" stuff started to surface? We would absolutely pay to see that. And, by the by, we were so proud that TNT upgraded the original

Con Air

to classic status.

Houston Rap Video of the WeekBecause you either missed it or forgot about it:
Mike Jones, "Back Then"

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