Turning the Screw: Killa Kyleon, Chamillionaire, Wendy Williams, 50 Best Rap Albums of the '00s, Drake, Weezy, Chris Brown, UGK, etc.

Welcome back to Turning the Screw, Rocks Off's weekly rap post. It probably won't rhyme, at least most of the time. E-mail tips to introducingliston@gmail.com. Thanks, homies.

Single of the Week:

Killa Kyleon, "Ego" (remix)

P.S. Kyleon is one of Houston's best remixers. Remember his "A Milli" remix? Or his "Paper Planes" freestyle?Wire To Wire

Chamillionaire held everyone's feet to the fire before he released

Mixtape Messiah 7

, the final installment of the series. Brisco Pistol got his shit took. Brisco Pistol wouldn't normally bleep on Turning the Screw's radar, but there's

actual video of the shit-taking

, which automatically makes it way more interesting.

So Jay-Z, The Kanye, and Rihanna walk into a bar...

Actually, the "bar" is Jay Leno's new studio, but the bar thing just sounds better.

T.I. and Lil' Wayne's daughter may be teaming up for a reality show of their own.

Blecchhh. That might almost be as bad as the Wendy Williams show. Seriously, have you seen that? It's awful. It's like being washed away in a tidal wave of ignorance.

America's Best Dance Crew is back, suckas.

There's a new video game coming out

where you get to live the life of a rapper

. Just go ahead and make your own punchlines for that one. The 50 Best Rap Albums of the Decade, according to

Passion of the Weiss

. The readers over at Cocaine Blunts though, feel the list may be a bit

outsidery and revisionist


This is funny: "Hip-hop today is at its most innovative height. We all know that Drake has now patented his own form of live hip-hop - sit-down rap. Not to be outdone, here's Kanye with his own unique form of freestylin' in which he sings off key about a myriad unrelated issues."

Speaking of, Jay Rock took the subtle disrespect of "Best I Ever Had" and made it overt.

Very, very overt.


Blueprint 3

artwork is

on some real postmodern kick

. The Green The Block campaign spoke with the Obama administration about

introducing green education into low-income communities

. Our immediate reaction: maybe you guys should've talked about introducing actual education into low-income communities.

Wendy Day is still getting her grind on.

Guess who they got to replace Drake on the Young Money Tour?

Yep, Chris Brown

. Said Weezy about the change: "Well, we wanted to flip it on 'em, and Brown is pretty much the exact opposite of Drake, what with Drake crooning about various women being the best he's ever had while Brown sticks to the punching them in the face thing. It's a good look. I think people are gonna dig it."

Houston Rap Video of the WeekBecause you either missed it or forgot about it.
UGK, "It's Supposed To Bubble"

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