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Turning the Screw: Slim Thug & Friends, Bun B & Friends, 50 Cent & Susan Boyle(!), Kid Cudi, Chris Brown, OutKast, Kidz In the Hall, Lil Wayne, Eminem, Sade, etc.

Welcome back to Turning the Screw, Rocks Off's weekly rap post. It probably won't rhyme, at least most of the time. E-mail tips to [email protected]. Thanks, homies.

Single of the Week: Juicy J & Project Pat feat. Slim Thug & New Genesis, "Ike Turner Pimpin'"

"I'm a motherfuckin' mac and I talking 'bout computers, if a bitch come short I'ma beat her up or shoot her." - Slim Thug

We are through the looking glass. We've never really been sure what that "looking glass" quote means, but it sounds cool and seemed like it was appropriate here. Thanks.

Wire To Wire

Here's a song Bun B did with Colin Munroe and Talib Kweli. It's very good, of course. Munroe is super fly. He had one of the best mixtapes of the last year or two. Give him a look.

And here's the song Bun did with Yelawolf, that guy that can't decide if wants to imitate Andre Benjamin or Eminem. Bun sounds completely different yet equally cool on both.

Oh, and here's the song Bun did with La Tropa F, the greatest Tejano band in the world. Just kidding. But would you really be surprised if he did a song with them? Of course not.

Kid Cudi's new video (above) is kind of fly.

Diddy? A drug dealer? No way.

Chris Brown shows a very mature, very calm demeanor when discussing his lackluster album sales.

Hey, welcome back, Charles Hamilton. Glad to see you're all done being crazy.

Not retired: Outkast.

New (free) music from Kidz in the Hall.

Even though he hasn't actually signed to Pharrell's Star Trak records, The Game got the logo tattooed on his arm to show loyalty. He probably got it to cover that G Unit tattoo he had back when he was showing loyalty to them.

All of the rap fans making fun of this guy.

Somebody in Lil' Wayne's camp is smart: Rebirth gets pushed back again. It feels like there should be some type of abortion joke here, right?

Yes, you read that correctly: 50 Cent wants to work with Susan Boyle, then he wants to take her clubbing. He is trying really hard to keep his popularity ship upright right now.

Count us among those whom Nicki Minaj has won over.

Eminem was the top-selling artist of the decade. Not the top selling rapper; the top-selling artist, period. Word up, Em. 50 Cent probably isn't that surprised, seeing as how he recently told Esquire "The best rapper is a white man."

Sade is back, yo.

Several rappers made the Top One-Hit Wonders of the Decade list. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

Houston Rap Video of the Week

Because you either missed it or forgot about it:

"You're Everything," Bun B feat. Rick Ross, David Banner and 8 Ball & MJG

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