Turning the Screw: Slim Thug & Lil Ray, Trae, Diddy, Necro, Master P, The Game, Beyonce/Lady GaGa, Drake, BET Music Awards, etc.

Welcome back to Turning the Screw, Rocks Off's weekly rap post. It probably won't rhyme, at least most of the time. E-mail tips to introducingliston@gmail.com. Thanks, homies.

Single of the Week:

Slim Thug feat. Lil Ray, "Salute Me" Note(s): Yes, this is a remake of the same-named song from Fabolous'

Loso's Way

. Yes, it lists Lil Ray as the featured artist but is actually Lil' Wayne rapping/singing. And yes, the unintentional juxtaposition of the video's "Look How Much Money I Have" premise with the "Look How Much Money We Clearly Did Not Have to Spend On This Video" vibe is humorous. Wire To Wire

Shortly after the

Trae Day shootings fiasco

, we tagged along with Trae to Austin as part of an upcoming article we're still working on. Prior to leaving, we were hanging out at his house - we're not saying we're BFFs or anything, but that is something that BFFs do - and he was working on a remake of that Drake and Weezy song where they say "it's okay" about 100 times. Audio of his take (finally) hit the Web this weekend. It's dope. Listen to it. And like it, because we feel kinda like that might make us cooler somehow.

Oh, and here's an unofficial remake of "Forever" that features Trae. His verse is very, very good. (And we're not just saying that. But supporting each other is something else BFFs do.) The level of irony here is almost absurd:

Diddy loses $20,000 ring while tossing money into crowd.

Here's video for

Necro's "The Human Traffic King"

(must be of age, or say you're of age, to watch).

And a link to some Houston-area psychiatrists.

You're going to need them after you watch. Blech.

Master P is helping to rebuild New Orleans.And a former gang member's life.

Some guy from the Fat Boys

is going to wrestle some wrestler from the '80s

. Yawn. Hmmm. So, let us get this straight: The Game owes you $35,000 in legal fees? Only, he doesn't have the money to pay you?

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And your response is to sue him for more money?

Okay, got it. That should work out. This feels just like when Bank of America charges us $35 for being overdrawn. Hey, dipshits: You can see our account. There's nothing in it. Why are you charging us more money? Bugger off.

Beyonce to work with Lady GaGa on a new Hype Williams project.

Is craziness contagious? If so, B should strongly consider no-showing. Drake was absolutely not dissing Tupac on "Fear,"

says Drake

. Want to be featured on the next Rhymefest album?! Oh. No?

No, you don't?

Okay. Never mind. Yeah, J.R. Writer got shot. What of it?

He's still tweeting

. Big fat liar:

Roxanne Shante


BET Music Awards

, which were pre-taped, will be running here in a bit and should be good. The Kanye was nominated for nine awards, only he wasn't there. Drake won Rookie of the Year, but he wasn't there either. T.I. won half of the best collaboration award. He's in prison. DJ AM won for his work on... you get the point.

Houston Rap Video of the WeekBecause you either missed it or forgot about it:
Concert crowd feat. Drake, "Mo City Don"

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