Two things you'll probably never do: travel to the moon or rap as fast as Twista. The first is a child's pipe dream, the second a rapper's gimmick -- a parlor trick for the Bathing Ape set. And though Twista's helix-coil flow may have earned him a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records as the fastest rapper on this planet, the Chi-town native lacks either the lyrical heft or the conceptual scope to pull off a great album. His new The Day After offers the same tired old R&B hip-hop fusion tracks ("Chocolate Fes and Redbones"), a slew of empty braggadocio numbers ("Check That Ho" and "Holding Down the Game"), and the requisite -- if painfully generic -- Neptunes club banger ("When I Get You Home"). Still and all, Twista's hyperspeed flow must be seen to be believed.
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Andrew Miller