Twitter Ticker: Houston Reacts To Walter's On Washington Closing

Rocks Off still waiting for some phone calls regarding the "hows" and "whys" behind Walter's close, and y'all will be the first to know when we have 'em. All we know for sure is that people are pretty pissed off, if Twitter chatter is any indication. Here are some tweets following our own Craig Hlavaty's announcement of Walter's unfortunate fate last night.


jeffbalke: @CraigHlavaty That sucks but not shocking. Washington Avenue's doucheification will be complete.

jordanpearce: Bummer, been going there since college

Pushermania: Wash Ave 2 b renamed Douchy Bitch Ave.

THIScharmingWMN: NOOO!!! Damn you, yuppies! You & your lame-ass bars ruin EVERYTHING.

Fayza: Say it ain't so!

ValClifton: So sad.

shardrix: We liked 'em all but the Satellite was our favorite too!

writetoeat: houston, houston, houston...

jessadhd77: THIS is whats wrong with the Houston music scene.

mozzie: Pours a lonestar on the sidewalk...

shutupnoway: aw man, really?

GunsandTacos: RIP, Washington

smithereeeeens: Aw... Really great write up by @jeffbalke of the demise of the Houston musician's paradise

powersjosh: Could not agree more with this article

dankuehn: great read and so sadly true...

10k_Jeff: Walter's on Washington closed?!? I played there with my band on tour in 2006. It was awesome.

dryvetyme: Sonofabitch!

BrigitteZ: MotherF*&^*!!

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