Twitter Ticker: Musicians Love to Overshare

It's amazing the things that people have to say in 140 characters or less. Some take forever to update their adoring public, about their lives while others tweet like it's about to go out of style. Do they not realize everyone can read these things? And that they are, more or less, setting themselves up for being the punchline in a joke about themselves?

Apparently not. Though, for the most part, things have been quiet since Michael Jackson's funeral, the twitter-verse has is always buzzing from locals to major celebrities. Here's the best of the past week.

Fat Tony

it aint 2am yet & still no fat hoes. buncha skinny white girls though. houston, what the fuck? I got tootsie rolls

my daddy is so damn african he eatin spaghetti pasta over a big ass tupperware tub of rice. ...its like 6 spaghettis, the rest all rice.


Alright..... I gotta get to work. I'm thinking about making a song called "snap, crackle, pop" with a dance that goes allong with it...ha ha

And a T shirt with one of the Rice Crispy treat characters on the front that says "It ain't trickin' if ya treatin" on the back.

Solange Knowles

Ok i swear I'm confused by julezies homework. Not even kidding. This isn't a good look.

color top ball green bottom ball yellow middle red. Then color toys to show top middle and bottom then use the same colors u used for ball.

I don't understand the color toys to show top middle and bottom and THEN use same collors as balls. Maybe they didn't mean to say THEN.Typo?

And ugh. Why can't I find this damn yellow crayon anywhere.


back in laporte, making beats on the kitchen table

Young Mammals

Louisiana has some friendly state troopers. sleeping in alabama. ATL tomorrow!

Grrrl Parts

bout to get our drank on wif da grrrls @ canyon lake....summer tiiiiiiiiime =D

10th Grade Cutie

needs more shitty anime/hentai, shaw bros. films, and weird porn on VHS because that's what we do these days.

About to drink the most heinous drink ever. The smell makes me want to uncontrollably vomit until I die twitching in a pool of stomach fluid

Let this just be said, no matter who else makes this list in the future, there will always be these three for their acts of Twitter-related terrorism:

John Mayer

I'm always tempted to speak Japanese to the staff at Sushi restaurants, but I imagine that's got to be extremely annoying desu.

Dream-tweeting from inside my nap. This is really fantastic. I am a merman and my scales don't start until after my balls, so, yay there.

Miley Cyrus

I just heard the best thing ever. Rule number one - When you go on your first day DO NOT BE YOURSELF send your "representative"

Courtney Love

uggh that horrifc hag that stole my clothes made crap out of them and is INSANE is following all of anyone im following, including friends.

Twitter Tool of the Week: Pete Wentz

#myinvisiblefriend brad pitt is sleepingover. imagine that scene in big. only its me & brad on the trampoline- instead of hanks & redhead

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