Ty Segall: 2013's Busiest Musician?

One would think that after releasing three albums in a year, an artist might consider taking a "hiatus"; anything from a drug binge to a bender in Mexico. Not Ty Segall, he doesn't take breaks. He has formed yet another new project with guitarist Charlie Moothart, appropriately called Fuzz, and the 7-inch single has already sold out.

No one knew what Fuzz was, at first, or who was even in the band. Chicago-based label Trouble In Mind received the "unsolicited e-mail submission" and described them as a "San Francisco mystery band." Later, Segall disclosed the band's true identity in a magazine article.

The new tracks remind me of Slaughterhouse, the loud and unforgiving 2012 summer release. Who would have guessed that when Segall got behind the drums and Moothart took center stage, they would explode into a 1960s California version of Black Sabbath?

Ty Segall is California's garage-rock sweetheart and a "living legend" to many of his fans. Some say that he is the next Jay Reatard. There are similarities: They've both composed songs with other bands while concurrently recording their own solo records. They've released records under the same labels. Their work ethic is strikingly similar.

But Segall has managed to make his own mark in the rock world, experimenting with different sounds and collaborating with many other musicians. Last year he released a psychedelic rock record with White Fence about a month before Slaughterhouse.

Another month later came Twins. It's our contention that while he might leave a similar legacy as his predecessor, he'll probably leave us more music.

Segall described his recent project as "Blue Cheer meets Black Sabbath," and it sounds true; after all, San Francisco musicians just can't stay away from the distinctly acid-rock sound. And why should they?

"This Time I Got a Reason"

"Fuzz's Fourth Dream"

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.