UK Web Site Shines "Unsigned Spotlight" on Houston's Watermarks

When Rocks Off wrote about Houston electro-rockers the Watermarks' Thoughts Like Bombs back in May, we said a song or two off the quintet's five-song EP - still available as a free download on the band's Web site - reminded us of SXSW '10 visitors (trust us) Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. "But maybe that's just us," we wrote at the time.

The Watermarks, "I Used to Be Your Rock 'n Roll"

The Watermarks, "Remember to Forget"

Turns out it wasn't just us. Monday, UK buzz-tracker Web site Under Control chose the Watermarks for its weekly "Unsigned Spotlight" feature, they also heard a little BRMC in the group's dark, heady sound. Plus New Order, Jesus and Mary Chain, Stooges, Velvet Underground and Sonic Youth. Not bad company at all... we heard a little more Depeche Mode and LCD Soundsystem, but who are we to argue?

The Watermarks, "Face the Wall"

"I have to admit it isn't the easiest first listen you will ever have, but have another, and you will like me find yourself stumbling upon a masterpiece that drives you to shake everyone you know until they wake up and see what they're missing."

The Watermarks, "Shut Down (Incendiary Mix)"

Pretty solid endorsement. And Rocks Off and Under Control definitely agree on the Brits' conclusion: "The Watermarks are definitely a band to be watched for 2010." Decide who the Watermarks remind you of - besides, you know, themselves - when the band plays the Mink Friday, December 18 with the Live Lights and Caterpillars.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.