Ulver: Murder in "Magic Hollow"

Norwegian black metal band Ulver has a very interesting record coming up. Childhood's End will be a cover album focusing on classic and obscure psychedelic songs from the '60s.

Such tunes have always been a fetish for vocalist Kristoffer Rygg, who recently told Kscope Magazine, "My feeling is that most people's knowledge sort of limits itself to the Doors. The Doors were cool, but there was so much else going the underground, records that got lost and didn't get as much recognition as they deserved, in my opinion."

One of those tracks is Beau Brummels's "Magic Hollow," which is accompanied by a fantastic video directed by Justin Oakey. The video plays more like a short film than most bits of cinemaudio, and is a rather beautiful if somewhat dark little work. Oakey knew from the first time he heard the song that it needed an otherworldly story to do it justice, and he delivered perfectly.

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