Uncle Charlie, In Considerably Fewer Words Than We Expended

They say less is more, and in this case they're probably right. Houston poster artist Uncle Charlie, the subject of one of Rocks Off's recent columns in his ink-and-paper Noise persona, is currently the featured yarn-spinner on the L.A.-based blog Six-Word Tales. Charlie's old friend Stiles White, who co-wrote the Nicolas Cage film Knowing with wife Juliet, normally asks various visual artists to illustrate one of his (extremely) short stories, which he appropriately calls "microfiction." Seems White read Rocks Off/Noise's article on Charlie and asked his old friend to do one of said illustrations. Except Charlie and wife Stephanie decided to come up with their own half-dozen words - "Blind artist perennially focuses. Infinite spectrum" - and White happily yielded the floor. You'll have to go to White's blog to see the art... Rocks Off doesn't want to spoil it any further. However indirectly (White notes he had Charlie in mind for a tale long before the article came out), Rocks Off is thrilled to have played a small part in this story. Charlie will be showing his work at this weekend's Art Crawl at Hardy Street Studios if you missed the Sig's Lagoon poster show a couple weeks back. And if you missed his interview on Fox 26 News (like we did), here it is.

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