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Undergravity Goes Extra-Funky On Enjoyable New Single

"We are choosing to up the funk." -- Mac

Undergravity is an anachronistic rap duo maybe most easy to appreciate when calibrated within the context of last year's positively perfect summer record "Southside Summertime" with Dante Higgins.

Where most (all?) new-era Houston rap acts have either a) ignored the sound their regional roots made famous; or b) attempted to advance them into the new decade, UG celebrates them unabashedly, trying their very best to reverse the rotation of the Earth and get back to 1998.

The video above is their first single from their new project, an EP titled Underdawgs From Undergravity they will release next month. It will be a decidedly funky, decidedly traditional tape aimed at championing the influence that the funk of '90s rap had in shaping Houston's rap legacy.

Example: The next single is called "Some Moe Funk" and will examine Big Moe's importance to history.

"Yeah, it'll be a lot of Houston funk," explains Mac, one-half of Undergravity. "Fat Pat, Keke and all them were original Houston funk. The early Screw tapes, those were mostly West Coast funk songs that had been chopped and screwed.

"That's what we grew up on," he says. "They got it from C-Bo, Above The Law. A lot of it is P-Funk too."

Go ahead and watch that video. Follow Mac on Twitter at @MacUndrGravity. Laugh at Adam Bomb when he compares a dirty car to an unkempt vagina.

And then go on about your life. Pretty easy, I'd say.

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