Undisputed: Trae Tha Truth At His Realest On New Mixtape

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Trae Tha Truth has released his second mixtape of the year. It is called Undisputed and is a precursor to his forthcoming proper album, Street King.

The tape is 24 songs of Trae doing what it is that Trae does: Rapping and being intimidating and hinting at what's to come on future products and just generally existing in his prickly, fuck-off-if-you're-not-with-me mode with abandon.

Some notes from the tape are ahead. There are 12 tidbits; boxing references and all, it seemed logical. You know what it is.

1. Where last year's landmark Can't Ban Tha Truth saw Trae focus all his energies on terrorizing 97.9 The Box and, by extension, its omnipresent parent company, Radio One, and where this year's heavy, heavy, heavy 48 Hours saw him try to shake the moon out of its orbit with its Herculean streetness, Undisputed functions as the midway point between the two. There are appearances by Marketable Trae and King of the Streets Trae and Open-Hearted Trae and even Almost Avante Trae.

2. Trae: "If they don't tell you I'm the realest, yeah, them bitches hating." Go ahead and mark that line up there with Slim Thug's "If you don't fuck with me, don't fuck with me" line on the Unassailable Bits of Philosophy From Houston Rappers list.

3. Undisputed features a two-minute remix of Y.C.'s mechanical "Racks," arguably the most infuriating hit of the year. It is, for sure, the most aristocratic track on the tape.

4. "Hypa" and "Earthquake," two standouts from the tape Trae released earlier this year, the harrowing 48 Hours, make cameos on Undisputed. 48 Hours remains to be no less than the second best mixtape released this year in town.

5. Other notable older tracks that snuck on here: "Shit I Seen" featuring Yelawolf, "Getting' Paid" featuring Wiz Khalifa (word is that there is another coming from these two) and that shimmery "All of the Lights Remix" that he did. Speaking of, did anybody have a better verse over "All of the Lights" than Drake's? He was soooo good there.

6. Doesn't it seem like sometimes Don Cannon is shouting out things at random just to see if anyone is paying attention? "SHOUT-OUT TO LAWN CHAIRS!!! I LOVE SITTING DOWN!!!"

7. The One Assuming Song That You Won't Fully Appreciate Until You Play It In Exactly The Right Setting: The sleepy-eyed "Comin' Thru," wherein Trae floats around confidant and cool and sounding entirely comfortable.

8. All of the cut and paste tracks available online are fun and all, but can we please get an all-original Trae and Young Jeezy mixtape? Please? PLEASE? P-L-E-A-S-E?

9. "Bussin'," the tinkering track first spotted on Trouble's December 17th tape, is about as fun a mixtape track as you're likely to hear this quarter. There are gunshots and snares and a guy in the background yelling "BUSSIN'!" over and over again. It's hard to listen to it and not want to know all of the words immediately.

10. It's the very best song on the tape, and (probably) the most important one because it's (probably) representative of the type of maturation that will (probably) indicate the trajectory of his musical arch in the coming year or two. Trae settles in and walks around at his own pace, doing little more than what the production dictates. There is a measured intensity to it. It's is calculated, but still retains an air of chaotic despair to it. Also: Pusha T's baby blue voice sounds even more pristine when pressed up against Trae's gravelly stage whisper.

11. Pyrexx makes an appearance on the tape, trying to snap "I Made It" in two with his double-time flow. It's a choppy, auspicious minute, matched in spirit by Yung Quis's showing on the looming, horn-heavy "Money Made."

12. The One Guy Who Makes The Most Unexpected Impressive Appearance On The Tape: Young Buck. Yeah, that Young Buck. Who saw that coming? Only his mother should have her hand in the air right now.

Follow Trae on Twitter at @TraeABN. Download Undisputed at Dat Piff.

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