Undisputed? Who Could Argue That This Sucks?

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Those of you who have been kind enough to follow the video of the day project here at Rocks Off will notice the offer above to send us videos that you think deserve to be featured here. The reason for this is below. Frankly, we've stumbled across some terrible music videos throughout our run here, but this one takes the cookie like some kind of methed-up Cookie Monster. In short, please send us something epic for a change.

This is For Buried Hopes. Everybody say, "Hi For Buried Hopes!" They are a metalcore band from Paris releasing their first EP this year. To promote said EP, they recorded a video for their song "Undisputed," and it's really, really bad.

Laying aside that we think metalcore music is the refuge of incompetent singers and drummers whose love of the double bass borders on psychotic fetishism, the video itself is a workout montage. A guy solemnly does sit-ups to prepare for a street fight that laced with more homoerotic undertones than Road House. That, plus the band playing under a crane is the whole video.

One kudo: Despite the shaky Blair Witch camera tricks, the quality of the obviously homemade video is amazing. More and more, stellar technology is being made available to acts without major financial backing. We just wish they'd do things with it that weren't terrible.

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