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Upcoming: 7 Seconds, Brand New, Dimefest 8, Interpol, Sara Hickman, Turquoise Jeep, etc.

16th Annual Grand Taiko Concert: With Imaginaerial. Sat., September 27, 8 p.m., TBA. Stafford Centre, 10505 Cash Rd., Stafford.

28th Annual Watermelon Festival and Summer Social: With Kindred Spirits, POTROAST, The Hightailers, Hell In a Bucket, JvT Band, Jimmy Lee Deen, QandA, Lark Attack, The Annie B! Band, Charity Ann, Charles Bryant, Mark Bermea, Marina Rocks. Sat., July 26, 4 p.m., $20 to $30. Last Concert Cafe, 1403 Nance, Houston, 713-226-8563.

7 Seconds: With the Copyrights, the Turnaways, Some Nerve. Sat., August 9, 8 p.m., $15. Walters Downtown, 1120 Naylor, Houston, 713-222-2679.

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