Update: Billy Joe Shaver Shooting

Today's update in the Billy Joe Shaver shooting: The Lorena Police have now released their version of the events, and not surprisingly, they don't correspond with those put forth by Shaver's attorney. Lorena police chief John Moran told the Waco Tribune that Shaver, and not shooting victim Billy Bryant Coker, was the aggressor.

Here's a portion of their account:

Shaver and the man police say he shot, 50-year-old Billy Bryant Coker, had been visiting in the bar for about an hour to 1 1/2 hours before the shooting, according to the affidavits. The two men had not known each other before but were introduced that night by the bar's owner.

During their conversation, the two men figured out they had something in common, the affidavits say. A cousin of Coker's had been married to Shaver's wife, Wanda, before he died.

At some point after that revelation, though, the conversation apparently soured. A woman who was in the bar at the time told police that she saw Shaver and Coker exit the building at the rear, then heard what she believed to be a gunshot, the affidavits said.

When the woman ran outside to see what had happened, she heard Shaver say to Coker, "Tell me you are sorry," and that "Nobody tells me to shut up."

Another witness said in affidavit that he heard Shaver ask Coker "Where do you want it?" just before pulling the trigger.

To read the rest of the latest, click here. - John Nova Lomax

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