Update: MUG Looks To Make Bricks Out Of Crumbs On New Mixtape, Money and Pain, At 1 P.M. Today

Update: After a slight delay, Money and Pain has been made available. Download it here.

That's MUG, the bruising fullback of the Boss Hogg Outlawz.

Were you to place the members* of the BHO on an identity scale based on their characteristics and rap attributes (raptributes?), MUG would fall right in between the postmodern Le$ and the preternaturally ferocious J-Dawg. He is immediately intimidating because of his size, but is more nuanced and contemplative than his cinder block glare might lead you to believe.

Evidence: Follow him on Twitter (@MUGofSDS). Amid the typical platitudes and occasional MP3 links are endearing, humanizing tweets about his son, an apparently gifted young football player. Little will tell you more about a man than the relationship he has with his children, and from across cyberspace, MUG appears to be just aces there.

*The current lineup of the BHO --Slim Thug, J-Dawg, MUG, Le$, Dre Day, Lil Ray, Black-- is the most dexterous, well conceived it's ever been.

Every Thursday for the past 40 years (estimating), Slim Thug has been releasing singles and videos and whatnot via his own Twitter account. (Last year, he made a very convincing compilation tape using the songs he released.) Today, MUG's proper debut mixtape, Money and Pain, will be what's released.

Little has leaked from the tape beyond the usual snippets, but MUG's work on recent tracks --his delivery of the chorus on "G'd Up" a few months ago was superheroically fun-- has earned him a fair amount of buzz.

Fingers crossed it's as good as everyone is hoping.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.