UPDATED Free Press Summer Fest: The Worst Things Inflicted Upon Us, 2013

UPDATED (Monday, 2:05 p.m.). Regarding the bottled-water situation and prices, with comments from FPSF director Omar Afra. See "Water Rights" on Page 2.

Geto Boys Get an "Incomplete" The absolute and definitive one goddamn thing I was truly looking forward to seeing at this year's festival was a reunited Geto Boys unleash their fury in the shadow of the downtown skyline. Regardless of the circumstances of Bushwick Bill's absence, and despite a still-tremendous effort by Willie D and Scarface, my biggest "must-see" quickly turned into my biggest disappointment and heartbreak of the year. Here's hoping it doesn't take another ten years before we see all three rappers perform together in Houston once again. MARCO TORRES


Free Press Summer Fest: The Best Acts of Sunday, 6/2/2013

Geto Boys at Free Press Summer Fest, 6/1/2013

Twenty minutes after the Geto Boys were scheduled to perform, I began to wonder what could be happening backstage. I wondered what would happen if the show didn't. Scarface and Willie D eventually came out, but Bushwick Bill was a no-show. I was excited to finally see the former two rappers onstage together, but it disappointing that a third of the group was absent. Scarface and Willie D's show great, but the Geto Boys are a three-piece, and I came to see all of them. MATTHEW KEEVER

Mom-Jean Cutoffs... Seriously? The worst fashion trend I saw at the festival entailed young ladies wearing high-waisted, mom-jean cutoffs. Unless your name happens to be Lynda Carter, this is an unflattering look for your body type, and there aren't enough moccasin boots in the world to make it work. Judging by the sheer number of ill-fitting pairs I saw both days, though, this is probably the only kind of shorts that Forever 21 sells, so I guess we're all out of luck. NATHAN SMITH

Not For My Junk There wasn't really much to be negative about this year. Got hot? I went in a tent or in the shade. Beer cost too much? I drank tons of free water and felt the better for it. Got hungry? I ate Cracker Jack'd. I did wear bad shoes on Saturday but I was lucky enough to meet a girl who introduced me Monistat chafing cream, which I will be adding to my survival festival kit next time. Of course that's after loudly announcing while buying it that "this is for my feet, not my junk." APRIL BREM PATRICK

Waste Not, Want Not? The portapotties (is that how you spell that?) were overflowing -- like legitimately overflowing -- while Iggy Pop was playing. I don't need to spell out why that's the worst thing ever; it's pretty self-explanatory and really, really gag-inducing. Surely someone could have thought that shit out better, pun fully intended. ANGELICA LEICHT

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