(UPDATED) Incubus' Brandon Boyd Played Dallas, Um, Houston Last Night

Look, I am sure it happens. You are in a touring rock band -- a major one at that -- and the days they run together. Hours pass by and the next thing you know it's two months later, and you have maybe changed your pants twice, plus you are somehow divorced.

Last night during his band's opening set for Linkin Park, Incubus' Brandon Boyd shouted "Hello Dallas!" to a packed crowd of Houstonians and suburban rockers. The Woodlands to the north of the Bayou City proper, where Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion is located, is considered Houston for all intents and purposes. It looks better on a tour tee than Spring to be honest.

I recently read a New York Times feature on Bruce Springsteen where it reveals that on the ramp that the Boss takes out to the stage each night on tour, a roadie writes it large marker the name of the city that the band is about hold forth in front of. Even the greats forget where they are.

There was that old episode of The Simpsons where the Nigel Tufnel of rock legends Spinal Tap has "SPRINGFIELD" written on his guitar for added security.

But then later on he called it Springton...

Immediately the local Twittersphere erupted with loathing for Boyd -- that was short-lived because ohmygodbutheisfuckinhawt -- but then some guy wrote a blog about it for the local alt-weekly and now everyone will remember, even people who weren't even there.

By all accounts, their set was great, and even included a cover Lionel Richie's "Hello" thrown in among hits from the band's career. They were last in Houston in October 2011.

It's cool, Brandon. Sometimes I forget how to spell or even say my last name.

UPDATE: Mr. Boyd replied to our blog just minutes ago on Twitter, which was very cool of him. Ice down that brain, sir.

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