UPDATED: Walters Downtown Owner Pam Robinson Passes Away

Sad news this morning. Walters Downtown owner Pam Robinson, a fan and champion of Houston musicians for decades, has apparently passed away following a long battle with cancer. Robinson's family released a statement earlier this afternoon on Walters' Facebook page:

Yesterday afternoon we lost our beloved owner, Pam Robinson, to her battle with cancer. She was a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter, an aunt and a Gaga. She was feisty, loving, badass, smart, passionate and a very understanding person.

We all loved her and what she did for the Houston music community, and through Pamland, she started to help shape many musicians and bands into who they are today. She gave to so many people without asking anything in return, and as Willow, from Hatetank Productions, put it, she was the "Godmother of the Houston Music Scene".

The family and Walters want to thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers and condolences that have been sent. Pam's memory will live on in all of our hearts, inside the walls of Walters Downtown and in the Houston music scene forever.

Rest In Peace Pam, and know that we will always remember the good you did and the smile you wore every day. We love you.

Earlier this morning, Willow Villarreal, the punk/hardcore promoter behind Hatetank Productions, posted the following message on Facebook:

My heart is heavy today. Pam Robinson (Walters owner) is no longer in pain. I will miss her so much. She gave me a chance when so many others wouldn't. She cared so much about the Houston music scene. She was so sweet and kind but didn't take any shit from anybody.

I loved how her and [husband] JR loved Pride Kills and would actually come out to watch the chaos when they played. Then give them the chance to apologize just to do something wrong again. She knew what they were doing and she liked it. The Houston music community has lost it's mother figure and she will forever be missed. I love you. Now you can rest.

Rocks Off was proud to induct Robinson into the Houston Music Hall of Fame this year as our first-ever non-musician. "Pam reminds me a lot of my own mom, who is only three days older," Kat Keeter, Walters assistant manager told us at the time.

REWIND: Walters Owner Pam Robinson Hangs Tough

A lot of people feel that way. Robinson, who was 55, is survived by her husband, two children, two grandchildren and hundreds of local musicians and music fans who respected and admired her. As you can see below, the local music scene has already begun reacting to the news, and we will update this story as more tributes pour in. [Note: this paragraph has been altered after publication to correct the number of Robinson's grandchildren.]

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