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UPDATED: Willie D & Scarface Reunite For Trayvon Martin Tribute

UPDATED: Later on Wednesday morning, Willie D removed the "Hoodiez" video from YouTube. See his explanation below.

UPDATE UPDATE (Thursday, 11 a.m.): It's baaaaaaaaaack!! Willie D posted an edited version of "Hoodiez" Thursday morning. See below.

ONE MORE UPDATE (Friday, 8 p.m.): Scarface notified Rocks Off on Twitter that we misquoted what we thought were his lyrics, so we have removed them. Rocks Off would like to apologize.

Last month, Rocks Off talked to Bun B, who has been one of the rap community's most vocal and visible supporters of Trayvon Martin, the teenager who was shot to death in Florida February 26, and who has sparked a national debate over the role the hooded sweatshirts known as "hoodies" popular with hip-hop fans may have played in his death.

Now this morning, Willie D and Scarface, two-thirds of Houston rap legends the Geto Boys, released their own tribute to Martin, "Hoodiez," with young Houston rapper Propain and D-Boi.

Willie D opens the song telling the story from Martin's point of view: "I think they jealous of me/ Those suckas hate my swag/ I got my hoodie on/ I ain't did nothing wrong."

Although relations between the three Geto Boys have been strained for years -- the third member, Bushwick Bill, has recently struggled with the INS and worked in gospel music -- Scarface joined Willie D onstage at the latter's SXSW showcase last month in Austin.

Here is what Willie posted on Twitter after removing the video Wednesday morning:

THE POWERS THAT BE EDITED MY "HOODIEZ" VIDEO WITHOUT MY PERMISSION because they didn't want y'all to know the truth. So I took it down from Youtube. They thought I was going to bow down for some funky ass attention and some money! Let me tell you something.

I've had lots of attention and lots of money and neither compare to being a real man, standing up or fighting for what I believe in and being at peace with my conscious. I can't be like some of these dudes and talk that hood talk but afraid to ride for the hood in terms of speaking out against injustices or giving back with money, time or sweat equity.

I can't with the heart inside of my body turn my back on the voiceless and disenfranchised. To do that would be to turn my back on myself.

I ain't a step and fetch it, I don't dance on cue and I don't scratch where I don't itch. So they were like, "We Can't show that" and I was like "Fuck it then, take it down." I don't want to tip my hand about what part in the video they specifically had a problem with but let's just say you will know soon one way or the other because I'm going public if they don't sit their asses down somewhere.

I am in talks with them to get the video back up by tomorrow. If that happens y'all need to make sure you retweet, repost and share like you see people doing when a pair of Jordan's come out or when someone is on Youtube doing some silly shit. You feel me?

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