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Urban Cowboy 2: Close Up The Honky-Tonks

A middle-aged man wakes up bleary-eyed and groggy to the sounds of the neighbor's lawn mower. Why do people insist on doing their yard work so early on the weekend?

It's a Saturday morning in Pearland, Texas, and for Bud Davis, a senior plant manager with a gold watch, it means Lone Star tallboys and Country Legends 97.1 FM in the garage. Maybe washing the truck. Sissy is off with their oldest daughter looking at bridesmaid dresses. When the cat's away, the mouse will watch the Astros on a plasma screen and not wear a shirt.

Most people probably assume that Urban Cowboy's Bud and Sissy decayed into white-trash nothingness after that final bull-riding session at Gilley's. That they turned into Pasadena trailer-park stereotypes full of McDonald's, cheap beer, and occasional law-enforcement interaction.

Bud and Sissy could have just as easily been Rocks Off's parents, except ours didn't go to Gilley's since our mother and father weren't the drinking type, nor were they into country music very much. But fighting and feuding in a trailer before having children and making their way to the big city is the origin story of plenty of people around Houston. A lot of us are only two generations removed from what some elitists would call white trash.

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Craig Hlavaty
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