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Urban Cowboy: How Does It Hold Up In 2010? (SPOILER ALERT)

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Sissy tells Bud he shouldn't have shaved his beard. She's right. We like a girl with opinions. Now they're dancing. But why is she holding him by the belt and not the shoulder?

There's an extended scene with a red filter where we see them dancing to "Lookin' For Love" and getting to know each other. It this like a Bollywood film, where the dance scenes are stand-ins for sex scenes? Is that why the film has a PG rating?

Now we're back at the plant. Now we're back at Gilley's. The dudes are playing those Midway-style strength games instead of beating the shit out of each other while Bonnie Raitt plays on the stage. Love her. It's turning Sissy on. But she's got to prove she's one of the boys, so she takes a shot too. She fucks up her hand. And now Bud's tells her "There's just certain things a girl cayn't do." Asshole.

It is Jerry Hall.* Sissy gets catty when she sees her. Bud accidentally/on purpose slaps Sissy. Asshole. Now she has to hitchhike home. Another fight scene ensues to what must be the country version of "Yakety Sax" and Bud and Sissy fall in a puddle. Then he asks her to marry him. Whoa. What?

Their wedding is at Gilley's. Husband: "That place was 3.5 acres and held 7,000 people. What happened to it?"**

Sissy's wearing white cowboy boots under her wedding dress. She says, "My legs are sweatin', Momma." We would hang out with her. Now they're moving into a trailer park. How romantic.

Hell yes. A prison rodeo. Bud: "Those outlaws make good cowboys." Bud and Sissy are wearing cup-look.

Annnnd we're back at Gilley's. People are showing off on the new mechanical bull. HWS wonders how many Rocks Offers have ridden one. [Ed. Note: This one has.] Bud has to ride. Cut to trailer home scene where Bud's in bed rubbin' his balls. Sissy says she wants to ride the bull. Bud says "It ain't for girls." Her theme song must be "Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better."

Aaaand we're back at Gilley's. Why do they event bother with the refinery storyline? And what does Sissy do during the day?

Bud has to ride the bull like five times in a row to prove he's a man. Sissy gets mad. Now one of the prison rodeo guys walks in, wearing a mesh shirt like he's headed out to the late Mary's in Montrose for the night. He rides the bull, Sissy makes fuck-me eyes at him. Ohhh, extended dance scene. This is fun. Now Bud has to show off more.

That ex-con is hot. Even with his mesh shirt. Bud gets mad. Now they fight. Bud goes to work drunk in the morning. He acts like a spoiled 10-year-old boy and treats Sissy like shit. Sissy goes to ride the bull secretly. The ex con helps her. It's all very Freudian and sexual. Meanwhile, Bud is drunk at work and falls off some scaffolding and almost dies.

Bud's aunt comes over and cleans the house. Sissy doesn't like onions. Bud gets mad because Sissy isn't fulfilling her wifely duties. She says "I work too." But where? Where?!

Back to Gilley's. Sissy's got something to prove, telling her friend "I ain't no chickenshit, Jessie." The prison rodeo guy is operating the mechanical bull. Bud can't ride the bull because he's hurt from the fall, so Sissy's gonna show him up. Guy in bar says "Shit, Bud, she rides better than you do."

Husband: "I didn't know this was a women's lib movie."

*Jerry and Cindy Hall are credited as "Sexy Sisters" in the film.

** At the time of filming, Gilley's was the largest nightclub in the world. It opened in 1971 and closed in the early '80s, just after the filming of Urban Cowboy, due to a falling out between Mickey Gilley and co-owner Sherwood Cryer. In 1989, the building suffered an arson fire, but was still standing until 2006 when it was demolished. A second Gilley's opened in 2003 in the Dallas area, featuring the original bull used in the movie.

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