Urban Dictionary's Top 10 Musician Slang Terms

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1. Orgasmic, amazing, awesome. 2. Really, really hot.

"Did you see that ass?" 'Yeah. It was Fapulous!"

"Urban Dictionary is flat-out fapulous."

And it's true. Urban Dictionary is fapulous, always available to help a blogger out with a never-ending supply user-submitted definitions that are filled to the brim with snarky, back-handed awesomeness. It is on the pages of Urban Dictionary that one can find a descriptor for every situation under the sun.

Ran out of weed? Well, sir, you're dankrupt. Built a redneck robot and unsure of what to call it? Well, it's a Bobot. Problem solved for both you and that feisty, twangy little machine you've got there. Stole something from last night's random hookup, and are unsure what to call it? It's a screwvenir, dude.

But not to worry; not only are there terms for being sans weed or to help you name that pesky redneck robot that you built out of Miller Light cans; there are also plenty of terms that have been born from pure, unadulterated musician antics. They're funny as shit, and luckily for you, we've labored through page after page to find the best ones for you.

And here they are, in a list. The Top 10 Urban Dictionary Musician Slang Terms.

10. T-Paine Thomas Jefferson's affectionate nickname for Thomas Paine, Revolutionary-era intellectual, musician and author or co-author of "Common Sense," "The Rights of Man (feat. Yung Napoleon)" and "Declaration of Skindependence."

T-Paine: "I'm in luv wit the Republic, G." George Washington: "Yes, but you haven't answered my question: should we launch the revolution?" T-Paine: "Talk to Franklin... This war is all about the Benjamin, man."

Seriously, what could be funnier than nerdy rap/history jokes? Not much, I dare say...not much. I like to read that one in auto tune while on a boat.

9. Minajabraj 1. A completely brotastic relationship shared by 3 brahs. 2. A three-way bromance.

"Living with you two bros is the best minajabraj I have ever had!"

You know, Nicki Minaj and her silly, self-indulgent antics do really fall along the lines with everything "bro" ever, so it's fitting that she's got her own term for a three-way bro lovefest. You know, because star ships were meant to fly and all, bro. Just watch out for Roman; he might try and make that three-way bro party into a foursome.

8. Ke$ha $peak A language popularized by the pop singer Ke$ha. It consists of speaking Huttese ( the language spoken by Jabba the Hutt and the rest of his race) with a valley girl accent.

Girl: "Oh em gee, Wah kah nah tu nah ki?" Guy 1: "What the hell did she just say?" Guy 2: "I don't know. I don't understand Ke$ha $peak"

Ke$ha and her whiskey-glitter stink lines were just made for Urban Dictionary definitions. See also "Ke$ha Bomb," but don't be a dick and actually Ke$ha Bomb someone. Glitter in the eye can be hazardous to your cornea health.

7. deadmau five How I still say deadmau5, even though I know it's suppose to be "dead mouse"

"Dude I love deadmau five!" "You're an idiot..."

I mean, what else can you say about that, other than it's way too awesome. I too read it as deadmau 5, good sir, because it's a freaking 5 and it makes sense in my numbers-aren't-letters way of thinking.

6. Creeding The act of changing someone's computer or Facebook preferences to reflect an unhealthy and ill-advised love for the band Creed.

"Evan suffered two creedings in one day... someone should stay with him tonight." "Emma left her Facebook open, so obviously we creeded her." "I left my computer open, and of course Dom creeded it."

Anyone who has "creeded" or (God forbid) "nicklebacked" a computer should be Ke$ha Bombed as payback. It's an eye for a glittery eye if you take it there.

5. Kanye Canyon The distance (almost invariably large) between a celebrity's self-perceived versus actual talent.

"After that "Louboutins" song, J. Lo looks like she'd descending ever deeper into Kanye Canyon."

Kanye's gonna let you finish, but thanks to his new album's title -- Yeezus -- he has the widest Kanye Canyons of ALL TIME!!!!!!!

4. Lilweensiana The real pronunciation of a state in the South.

"I'm headin to Nawlins, Lilweensiana."

This will be the only way I pronounce Louisiana from this day forward. The. Only. Way.

3. Godsmacked The act of stretching one's hot, sweaty, droopy scrotum over another's mouth while sleeping, in an attempt to recreate the cover from the Godsmack album Faceless.

"I noticed a pungent odor and realized I couldn't breathe. I woke up with this satchel over my face and I realized, I had just been godsmacked."

Please don't actually do this to people. Remember kids, nothing good can ever come out of anything related to Godsmack.

2. Bieber A unit of measurement used to gauge the level of discomfort caused by hemorrhoids. Each unit is roughly equivalent to the pain and discomfort of watching a Justin Bieber video.

"I'd give it a four on the Bieber scale."

I hold out great hope that all proctology offices will incorporate this highly scientific scale. It's got to be more accurate than those damned happy face/sad face charts, right?

1. Skrillexed When a woman's genital area has been used so much that it hangs down low just like Skrillex drops his bass.

"Damn dude. i thought that bitch was hot until i found out that she was skrillexed."

Yeah, I got nothin'. That one kind of blew my mind a bit.

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