Us Vs. Them: Are Fan Videos Better Than Official Videos?

Today on the Daily Video, we're going to try something a little different. Trolling through Youtube in search of the best and worst to bring you, Rocks Off encounters a lot of fan-made music videos for popular songs. Usually, we dismiss them, but we've sort of gotten to wondering exactly which is better, the fan videos or the official ones?

The official ones have money and technical excellence behind them, but are often hamstrung by the bureaucracy of the record industry and the need to fill a demographic niche. Fan videos are becoming increasingly sophisticated as technology becomes cheaper and easier to use, and have the advantage of unclouded vision and great artistic enthusiasm on their side. In the end, which would you rather watch?

We'll start this experiment with the song "Feel" by Marie Digby, from her album Underwater Breathing which has been featured in an episode of The Hills. Up first is Digby's official video.

Next, we have Simplysamxo from Youtube, whose subscriptions run in the thousands. She specializes in a trapped-in-the-suburbs style of video storytelling.

Now, loyal Rocks Off readers, which of these videos is better?

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