Usher's Spot-On Parade of Party-Rockers and Panty-Droppers

Usher, August Alsina Toyota Center December 5, 2014

You can have an epiphany about R&B at 26 right? Like, you can glance over all the mix CDs you made with the intent to woo a girl and then immediately wonder where it all went to hell, right? Right.

Usher, for all intents and purposes, is the last of a dying breed.

He'll forever be the first singer -- or maybe second, give or take your opinion of R. Kelly musically at this very second -- in my lifetime that girls gush over. Damn the B2K era that followed him, Usher's My Way and 8701 albums taught me plenty, namely how you're never supposed to tell a woman, "Hey, you're sort of like this girl I used to like but then she turned out crazy...wait, where are you going?"

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