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UT Student Breaks Guinness Record For Rock Band 2 Score; Cues Drummer Jokes

A University of Texas student claims to have beaten the all-time high score for Rock Band 2, setting a Guinness World Record after successfully completing all 84 songs in the video game in one sitting.

It took Matt Smith, a civil engineering junior, seven hours to play through all the songs on expert level as his friends cheered him on, accumulating a total of 14,727,919 points, Rocks Off's old training grounds The Daily Texan reported Monday.

Smith, playing drums, broke the previous record on song No. 58, The Who's "Pinball Wizard," when he passed the mark of 10,719,466 points set last May by Robert Paz, the Texan said. Instead of paying $5,000 to have a Guinness official present, he recorded his entire Rock Band session and recruited a department manager from an Austin Fry's Electronics store for the required expert testimony.

Perhaps more impressively, he did not let his pursuit of the record affect his studies. Smith told the Texan he practiced for 45 minutes to an hour every day - after finishing his homework - since deciding to break the record last October.

Not everyone was impressed, though. While Smith's marathon Rock Band session was in progress, someone yelled out "When are you going to let someone else play?" And a few commenters on the Texan's Web site took the opportunity to haul out a few drummer jokes.

John Glosson: "Imagine if he'd practiced real drums with that amount of dedication. He might not have set a world record but he might have gotten laid."

Peter Green: "Hey this guys no Frank Beard, so stop all your blubbering over him, he's a novice amateur like most of you snotty nosed kids who have posted here, I know Frank Beard, I jammed with Frank Beard, Frank Beard is a friend of mine, you sir are no Frank Beard!"

To be fair, Smith had his fair share of defenders too. Read the article and the comments here.

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