Screwston, Texas

Uzoy's The [DEF]inition Breaks The Female-Rapper Mold

This week, Uzoy (pronounced ooh-zee) released her first proper tape, the 2DBZ-backed The [DEF]inition.

It's a good tape. At times, you would not be wrong if you were to say that it is a great tape. Solid production, memorable features, an attractive cover (that matters), a clear sense of purpose - all of the important pieces are there.

She's very clearly more naturally talented than many of her male counterparts here in town. But here's the main concern, and you may have actually noticed this already: Uzoy is a woman.

As such, any discussion of her capacity as a rapper inevitably spirals back to that fact, which inevitably spirals back to the novelty of the situation. A girl rapper automatically stands out among her peers because there are so few, but she'll stand out in the same way that a guy who always wears a top hat when he raps stands out. Even the best ones face that problem.

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Shea Serrano