Vamplification: Dirty Fuzz, Von Iva and Boris

Screw those pink sparkly Daisy Rock guitars. Chicks can stroke the neck of a Fender Strat right alongside the guys. The best girl rockers also deliver some of the wickedest vocals out there and, as an added bonus, usually look damn sexy doing it. Rocks Off thinks it's high time to give these sirens some special attention. To kick off the inaugural Vamplification, here are three female rockers you may not have heard of, but whose music is as dangerous as those Greek

femmes fatale

who serenaded sailors to their deaths.

Dirty Fuzz:

Lead singer Elida Zulu of the U.K.'s Dirty Fuzz (above) has a voice that slices through lyrics and a presence that commands the stage like a preacher at a big tent revival. If it weren't for her British accent, she could pass as a soloist in a Southern gospel choir - a choir that sings bluesy hymns and dances like Tina Turner in a mosh pit.

Von Iva:

The three women of electro-soul band Von Iva (Jillian Iva, Bex, and Lay Lay) could probably choose to capitalize on their looks alone and still have a half-decent career. Instead, they supplement their pinup-worthy appeal with dance beats that are so darn catchy, it's a wonder the music still manages to be cool. Think Alison Mosshart of the Kills, times three.


Guitarist Wata may be petite, but she turns out massive, high-speed riffs and wailing solos. You don't have to understand the Japanese lyrics to appreciate the intensity of Boris's music. The band has gained increased notice in the U.S. and recently contributed to the score of the Jim Jarmusch film

The Limits of Control


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