Varrie V: Hey Everyone, a Local Musician Is on National TV Again

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Last year, the underground Houston music scene was teeming with would-be break-out potential. It didn't matter what genre you pointed out, it seemed like someone in it was on the verge of "breaking."

This year, barely a third of the way through, it looks like the city is already beginning to assert itself outside of the Beltway. In rap alone, besides gaining coverage in national magazines, guys like Kirko Bangz -- whose "Drank in My Cup" officially landed atop the Rhythmic Charts at No. 1 -- Doughbeezy, Rod-C, JayTon, Marcus Manchild and more have been seen on MTV and/or BET.

A new name to add to that list: the melodic, ready-made R&B songstress Varrie V.

Early this evening, she will make an appearance on BET's 106 & Park (5 p.m. Houston time). We reached out to ask her about it, as well as battle-rapping and awful sunglasses. You know how that goes. Keep it moving.

Rocks Off: First, tell everyone everything they need to know about Varrie V in exactly six words.

Varrie V: I am the queen of melodies.

RO: Let's just jump straight to it: You're going to be on BET this evening. How did that happen?

VV: My manager was informed about the audition and we decided that it would be a good opportunity for me to launch my #VaVaVoom campaign national.

RO: What exactly will you be doing on there? Pleasesaybattlerappingpleasesaybattlerappingpleasesay...

VV [laughs]: No, no, no. No battle rapping. I will be one of the competitors for the Wild Out Wednesday competition for the New Female Hip-Hop/R&B category, so make sure that I get your vote.

RO: Hoodstar Chantz, one of the more enjoyable personalities in underground Houston rap's biome, has popped up on or in several bits of your music. What's the relationship there?

V: The relationship between HoodStar Chantz and I is definitely a special one. The two of us have grown together while attempting to establish a name for ourselves. We are both known artists in Houston, so it enhances the public's perception of what our relationship could possibly be.

RO: This is the very first thing we saw you in. Question: Please say you all got rid of those glasses, because those are the worst.

VV [laughs]: Well, I wasn't the one wearing them, so I couldn't tell you where they are.

RO: When is a proper Varrie V project coming?

VV: Everyone is asking me this question [laughs]. Myself, the producers, and my team have definitely been working hard to make sure that we give my fans more than what they are expecting, which is quality music.

You can definitely expect my debut EP, VaVaVoom in the summer. I'm so excited about this project. This is my first project so that's why I have been taking my time to make sure that it is right.

RO: Oh, lastly, what time will you be on BET?

V: 106 & Park comes on at 5:00 p.m. CT. Please make sure that you all vote for me by texting "A" to 79922. #VaVaVooommmm

Follow Varrie on Twitter at @Varrie_Songbird.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.