Velveteen Echo reminds you of so much while staying current at the same time.
Velveteen Echo reminds you of so much while staying current at the same time.
Photo by Jonathan Mazaltov

Velveteen Echo Releases Debut EP With Submarine

There are so many stellar new bands in Houston that it reminds you of the '90s Pavement lyric, "music scene is crazy, bands start up each and every day."  Houston's Velveteen Echo are releasing their debut E.P. Submarine, in which the four piece echo the likes of bands like The Cranberries and Sixpence None The Richer, without sounding like a carbon copy of either.

Opening with the slow burn of "Grey," the reverb soaked guitar and Lauren Massa's breathy vocals come in like a familiar and warm sweater you'd throw on whenever you get a slight chill.

This is followed by the more upbeat "Oh Let The Light In," where the drums and the bass create a head space of sunny dreams filled with sad notes that all get postmarked return to sender. The same could be said for the single "Submarine," a snappy and pop hooked tune.

The slower notes of "Succor" take the band deeper into the waters of shoe gaze and the darker sides of new wave. While the song isn't post-punk by any means, it does remind you of some of the early works by The Cure and Peter Murphy. The band closes things out with the murky and dark sounds of "The Lake." The closest to that dark new wave in terms of sound, Massa's vocals are even heavier here until the chorus comes in. 

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You can stream the band's two lead singles "Submarine," and "Succor" on all platforms. You can catch Velveteen Echo in person when they headline their E.P. release party at White Oak Music Hall on August 24. The all ages show has support sets from Pearl Crush and Rose Ette. Tears on Tape will open the all ages evening. Doors at 8 p.m.; tickets $7.

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