VIDEO: HPMA Winners Tell All In Our "Confessional"

The 2012 Houston Press Music Award Winners

HPMA Ceremony Heavy With Winners, Light on Drama

Slideshow: Pics from the 2012 Houston Press Music Award Ceremony

You're about to see some very wide eyes on some very surprised people. We stuck a camera and microphone in front of the winners backstage and asked them if they wanted to say something. Some looked so surprised at their victory they were almost speechless, but they all managed to come up with a few words.

One of the Niceguys, winners for Best Rap Group, knows what's up: "I don't know how we won, but I think it has something to do with swag." Of course it does.

Best Country winner Justin Van Sant, who later shouted out the HPMAs on 1560 The Game, was also pumped. "I know country music gets a bad rap sometimes, but whether you like country music or not, you need to come check us out," he said. "God bless everybody."

Seeing all these people both excited and humbled to win HPMAs makes us happy. Not just because it's our event, but because we get as tired of hearing the "Houston doesn't get enough recognition" refrain as anyone else, so it's nice to play some small part in giving credit where it's so richy deserved, plus plaques with 33 rpm records inside them.

Also, we'd also like to congratulate Nick Greer of Nick Greer & the G's (and a very natty bow tie), who won the first-ever HPMA "Band Peer Choice Award" Wednesday. Voting for this award was done by the other HPMA nominees during the early part of the ceremony. Rocks Off heard from several people, including a couple of our writers, that Greer was a big hit at last Sunday's HPMA showcase, so his win didn't come all that big of a surprise.

Enjoy the video, and see you at next year's awards.

Video by Heather Alexander

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