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Vinal Edge Records Moving to the Heights

Exalted record haunt Vinal Edge Records, which for more than 26 years has been a destination for vinyl enthusiasts all over Houston off Veterans Memorial Drive, is moving into the Heights. To be specific, 239 W. 19th Street, in the thick of all the funky antique and craft stores.

Late last week on the store's Facebook page, owner Chuck Roast let the official cat out of the proverbial bag.

"We will gain a couple hundred square feet and it is sweet," says Roast. Hoping to open July 1, Vinal Edge will be having various load-lightening moving sales until then. Roast is too swamped with moving details to enumerate exactly on which of his stock he'll be cutting prices, but the initial FB post did mention cassettes.

Roast played a big part in my recent Press feature about the vinyl resurgence, too, dishing out knowledge to readers. Roast was selling vinyl at punk shows in Houston in the '80s before opening his store.

What will Roast miss about the old girl up north?

"Well, not the empty bullet casings found in the parking lot," he says. "The local customers for sure, and I know some of our low-income locals will miss us. I feel real sad about leaving them, though we aren't going that far.

"I purposely stayed north of I-10," adds Roast. As his business has grown and evolved, he has also made connections with the other tenants in his strip center.

"My fellow tenants I love too, be it the family that runs the dry cleaners or the woman who has an alteration shop," he says. "All good independent merchants who are working hard, not getting rich, and yet are so damn nice to me every day."

With the larger space, complete with old-school plaster walls and tall ceilings, Roast also hopes to host live music at the new Vinal Edge. He sounds incredibly excited about the move, and Houston collectors are also happy with the store's closer digs, too.

"I always loved the 19th street vibe and I look forward to meeting my neighbors," he says, "both my retailing ones and the new customers we will no doubt see."

Now, who is going to break the news to famous Vinal Edge shopper Daniel Johnston that his beloved store is moving south?

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