Vodi brings holiday happiness on "This Is the Best Christmas."
Vodi brings holiday happiness on "This Is the Best Christmas."
Photo by Lauren Marek

Vodi Gives Us Plenty of Holiday Cheer with Christmas Track

Holiday music can many times be formulaic, tired, or in the least, some sort of cover version of someone else's work. For Houston's Vodi, it was a chance to stretch their legs and put out something original while keeping the holiday traditions in tact. With "This Is the Best Christmas," the six piece proves again why they're in such high demand with a song that's not only original, but worth hearing pretty much any time of year.

The song and subsequent video, were all "very last minute," according to Vodi's lead singer Tom Lynch. "Tank, Haley, and I were walking out the door when our manager suggested it, and while I didn't really have a song ready, I wrote the hook while we were loading the car, and we got in a circle to record the harmony part on my phone. After two weeks, I realized that we had to record it the next day after booking time with Steve Christensen, and we actually finished the arrangements right before walking into the studio."

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The song is definitely catchy and full of quality hooks that not only sound great, but sound like a modern day holiday song at the same time. The video, directed and shot by Jacob Miles is a hilarious take on the typical Christmas romantic comedy theme, but with plenty of eighties flare. With the rest of the band playing in the background while Tom and Haley Lynch play the roles of the couple in love, the end result is charming and funny without feeling hacky.

The song is available to stream on on platforms, and is available for purchase on iTunes and Google Play. However you hear it, it's a song that's worth adding to your holiday collection while still giving you something from a band that seems like they can do whatever they want, and still do it well.

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