Tom and Haley Lynch of Vodi, whose debut LP is due out November 4.EXPAND
Tom and Haley Lynch of Vodi, whose debut LP is due out November 4.
Photo by Lauren Marek

Vodi Point the Way Toward Debut LP With Shining "Gold"

If you don't pay attention to the Houston music scene, things can float right past you. However, if you do look closely, you'll notice that a small group of musicians is, by appearing on one another's releases, creating some of the most intriguing music coming out of our city today. That's definitely the case with Vodi, the Houston six-piece who has captured the hearts of fans with an alluring sound that crosses The War On Drugs with REO Speedwagon.

Vodi has been steadily working on what will be known as Talk, their debut album due November 4. Led by singer and guitarist Tom Lynch, the band has certainly made waves all over, while members such as Haley Lynch of Dollie Barnes and Ancient Cat Society (a.k.a. Tom's wife); Tank Lisenbe of Robert Ellis and Dollie Barnes; and Austin Sepulvado of Buxton, Dollie Barnes and Ancient Cat Society help in bringing Vodi's beautiful sounds to life. On the beautifully crafted and easygoing "Gold," the lead single from Talk — found exclusively here — Vodi quickly proves to be much more than a group that happens to be made up of several elite Houston musicians.

Opening with a tremolo-heavy riff, the song quickly picks up with Lisenbe's snappy drums and is taken far and away by Tom Lynch's vocals. There's a sexy horn track that comes on that helps add to the mix, but it's Lynch's soft but stern vocals that really help give the track a true lift. The backing vocals certainly add to what's going on as well, but the way that Lynch sings, he almost makes you feel like "everything will be all right," while he helps create a build that's hard not to love. The end result is a song that easily lives up to its title, but feels like something that's worth more than even its audio lustre.

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You can stream "Gold" when it gets released to the public. Talk will be available on all platforms and streaming sites on November 4. You can also grab a copy from the band at their album release show the same night at Rockefellers. The 21 and up show will also feature performances from El Lago and Astragal. Doors at 7 p.m.; tickets are a measly $10.

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