Vote or Die: The Last VJ's Top Five Music Videos of the Week

Hey, internet, and welcome back to The Last VJ. Here we'll be presenting five of the best music videos released in the week and allow you, the audience, to vote on which shall sip sweet win-nectar from the chalice of victory and which ones will lick fail from the bucket of inadequacy. Only the titans of sound and sight shall triumph. The power is in your hands.

Before we get started, a round of applause for last week's winner, The Vintage Caravan and their trippy drug trek "Expand Your Mind." The Icelandic rock trio netted more than 54 percent of the vote, more than twice their nearest competition.

We present them here again for another shot at the holding onto the title.

REWIND: Last Week's Video Round-Up

Now onto the newcomers!

Matt Nathanson, "Kinks Shirt" Bobcat Goldthwaite has been sitting in the director's chair lately, and while I wasn't terribly enthused about God Bless America, here he has truly tuned in something spectacular. "Kinks Shirt," which I assume is a nod to the song "Lola," follows a man as he enters into a relationship with a beautiful woman. In a telling scene, it's revealed that she is trans, but rather than going for either Crying Game horror or a cheap joke, the video pulls off an amazingly sweet look at the reality of people who enter into trans-relationships.

It's a remarkable and progressive video, maybe the first of its kind, and while I wouldn't call it a cinematic masterpiece the balls involved in its creation deserves much immense kudos. Also, Nathanson can sure pen a catchy-ass chorus.

Joanna Gruesome, "Sugarcrush" Don't let the name full you, there's nothing metal about "Sugarcrush." The song itself is a indie-rock tune with a punk song's pacing... and I'm not even sure how to describe the video that directors Ewan Jones Morris and Casey Raymond turned into accompany it. What words are there to describe something that opens with a jar of Bigfoot poop and proceeds to assault the mind with such a twisted, intentionally amateurish and garish progression of collage images that you're left feeling like someone slipped mescaline in your Coke Zero?

I guess I just did, but the parade of Day-Glo horrors and nonsequiturs otherwise defies conventional description. You'll have to see it for yourself.

Avion Roe, "The Escape" The band claims to be the first unsigned act to produce a fully 3D music video, and while I can't verify that for absolute truth it's an accomplishment nonetheless. I'm a sucker for hospital-based horror flicks, and while "Escape" never really transcends to the immersive level it aspires to it does make for an exciting little attempt at existential unease and terror.

I was more impressed by singer Evan Lester's mike-cord tricks than anything else. Seriously, it's like watching a nunchuck artist. The end product is a bit draggy, but impressive and ambitious for all of that.

More videos on the next page.

Birdeatsbaby, "Ghosts" This may just be my personal thing, but I almost crapped my bloomers watching this video. Lost souls governed by the unknowable laws of the other side freaks me right the hell out, and directors Matt Pulzer and Mishkin Fitzgerald use just a little bit of hair and makeup combined with a few camera tricks to create an atmosphere of pure, uncanny madness over an impossibly beautiful song. Christ, now I have the heebies and/or the jeebies.

Orla Gartland, "Roots" I clicked on Ms. Gartland's video because I thought I spied a Rockets jersey! Turns out St. Louis has a hockey team called the Rockets with a similar logo as our own hometown B-ballers, but let's not let that distract us from "Roots" because it is an inventive little thing.

Though the animation is somewhat crude, it's charming in a Yoshi's Island kind of way. Garland's message of taking your home wherever you go fits in with her Wonderland-esque adventure, and we're promised more of the story at the end. All in all a pretty unique little fairytale that shows a hefty amount of promise. Love it. Love it. Love it.

That's your lot. Now go forth and vote for the best video of the week!

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