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Vote or Die: The Last VJ's Top Five Videos of the Week

Welcome back to The Last VJ, music fans. When it comes to the art of the music video, 2014 is already starting out well. We're leaving behind the holidays and starting to work our way into the coming year of out-there cinemaudio expression. If this week's crop is any indication, it's going to be a real good twelve months worth of work for The Last VJ.

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Adam Bricks, "Kristmas" First, a big hand for Houston's own Adam Bricks, who took home the title of best video of the week with over 50 percent of the vote, knocking the powerhouse that is Erasure's stop-motion magic off the top spot. Nothing starts the year off better than seeing local acts stand toe-to-toe with national ones. Congrats, Adam, and good luck this week.

REWIND: Last Week's Music Video Roundup

Ethan Gold, "They Turned Away" it takes some investment, but Ethan Gold's "They Turned Away" is an amazing video if you give it a chance for a couple of minutes. Director Ari Gold helps Ethan craft an amazingly personal story where Ethan sits confined to a chair singing his interrogation by an oppressive, Nazi-like regime.

With barely a movement for most of the song, Ethan expresses a well of pain and rage that shatters the concrete bunker around him, while Ari peppers the scene with little steampunk touches that give the video an oddly timeless feel. It's desolate and dystopian, but there's always beauty in a song sung on the brink of a most horrid death.

Lost In The Trees, "Past Life" "Past Life" is a masterpiece about transition. Dan Huiting and Andre Durand have made a Lynchian piece of brilliance that takes the deathly tones of Lost in the Trees' song and brought it to heavenly un-life. We follow a hooded man with strangely luminescent eyes played by Aaron Courteau as he grimly drives his Ford truck through a darkened wilderness, seeking either the ending of his own soul or the beginning.

Either way, Courteau carries with him the endless mystery of death, climbing up and down the stairs of the melody in ways a more linear narrative never could. Haunting has never been so well-defined.

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Snoop Lion feat. Major Lazer, "Get Away" There is literally nothing Snoop could ever do to make me stop loving him. Between his appearance on The L Word and the fact that he did a rap about True Blood just to have an excuse to go visit the Merlotte's set makes him the ultimate fanboy in my mind.

Now he's teamed with Major Lazer to go all Pokemon in the video for "Get Away." Seriously, Snoop is utterly without fucks to give, and his unabashed sincerity and enthusiasm for everything he does is an inspiration to us all. May he live to be 120.

REWIND: Music Video Roundup From Two Weeks Ago

Kings & Kerosene, "Problem Child" Finally, let's go to Finland and visit Kings & Kerosene's latest music video. Honestly, the whole thing plays out like a Patton Oswalt bit come to life, with Dewey Sormunen being sedated by a medical conspiracy because he's a dangerous rock and roll influence.

It's nothing new, but Sormunen plays it well and with great energy. Plus, but I'm always on the look out to be more afraid of going to the doctor.

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