Vote or Die: The Last VJ's Top Five Videos of the Week

Welcome back to The Last VJ, music fans. Amid all the "Wrecking Ball" parodies, there are still some fantastic music videos waiting to be seen, loved, and most importantly judged lurking around.

2014 has already fielded incredible work, and this week is no different. Strap in because we're gone punch your eyeballs with music.

Vote at the end for your favorite.

Coone & Substance One, "Drowning" Big hand to last week's winner by a landslide. "Drowning" is a powerful, moving drama about the nature of suicide and the disturbed mind. It's a truly terrifying video that is already the front-runner for best of the year in my mind. I don't know if it has what it takes to hold the spot two weeks in a row, but you will be hard-pressed to discover anything as elegantly hurtful as "Drowning."

Ethan Gold, "Royal Flush" Ethan Gold is quickly becoming my new favorite music video artist, not the least because his output is incredible. Less than a month after he fielded the disturbing but powerful "They Turned Away" he's back with something even more out of this world. Directed by Rachel Samuels, it's another great example of how Gold slight turns reality just enough to make things uncanny but not fantastical. At its heart it's nothing more than fun with taxidermy animals and Gold stalking a ballet dancer using a camera system powered by a piano that sounds like it's been tuned by Jandek.

All that constant dissonance in both sound and the nature of the stop-motion cinematography give "Royal Flush" a distinct dream-quality that is typical in his work. So much of what he brings to the medium is a haunted aspect, as if he's seeking catharsis through the twisted mirror of a nightmare. Another brilliant video from someone we had all better keep an eye on.

REWIND: Last Week's Music Video Roundup

The Boxing Lesson, "Health is the New Drug" It's been quite a while since I last heard from Austin's The Boxing Lesson, which is a shame because they always produce quality videos. They've really outdone themselves this time with "Health is the New Drug." It's a hard video to describe, utilizing everything from a women's boxing match to a team of space explorers searching for a miracle cure on various planets.

The overall idea of the song, that pursuit of physical well-being can be as addictive and trippy as any narcotic when taken to extremes, comes across perfectly in the hallucinogenic light- and color-fest that unfolds throughout its playtime, and director Mark Miks pulls off some amazing visuals with what was clearly a small budget.

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Meg Myers, "Desire" Meg Myers is a damned unnerving girl. Compelling, sure, but also not someone I think I'd ever be comfortable turning my back on. "Desire" is equal parts pure sex song and strangely obsessive murder ballad. Have you ever said something you thought was intensely sexy and then realized it sounded more like the ranting of a serial killer? Myers does for four straight minutes.

Director Jordan Bahat aids her in crafting this spell by conjuring up an invisible lover for Myers to direct her pointed lust at. While some of the tricks used to manipulate her with unseen hands come across a tiny bit cheesy, there's a demonic tilt to the execution that matches the strange rage of the song. I'm not sure if it's the sexiest thing ever filmed or a terrifying new sort of horror short. Regardless, it's amazing.

REWIND: Music Video Roundup From Two Weeks Ago

Jars of Vomit, "Throat Punch" And now, angry metal heads shall fight Bigfoot bare-handed for the glory of Odin. I think I'll type that again seeing as how it's the most awesome sentence ever and I may never get another opportunity. Angry metal heads shall fight Bigfoot bare-handed for the glory of Odin. If you need more description than that to check out a video then I can't help you. Time like this I'm reminded how much I miss Tubbychubcakes.

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