Vote or Die: The Last VJ's Top Five Videos of the Week

Welcome back to The Last VJ, music fans. There's really nothing in the world like watching a song come to cinematic life. It really becomes the ultimate form of musical expression, mixing inputs from two different senses in a way that transcends even live performance if done correctly.

As we do every week, we look back and the five videos that most embody this ideal. One shall wear the laurels of triumph, while the rest must content themselves with whatever the second place set of leaf hats are.

Vote and the end of the article for the one would be your king.

REWIND: Last Week's Music Video Roundup

Worhol, "The Darkness" Houston is staying strong with two straight weeks of wins in a row thanks the epic gothic brilliance of our own Worhol. Though the band is somewhat stuck out in Katy at the moment, they tell me that soon we'll have releases and shows closer to the hub to look forward to.

Until then, you're best bet to see their awesomeness without the drive is this wonderful video that captured more than 90 percent of the vote last week over big name acts like Erasure! Can they hold onto that title?

Reverend Horton Heat, "Let Me Teach You How to Eat" As the meme making its rounds on social media says, meat is for men, bones are for dogs. The good reverend takes that message to heart in his own indomitable rockabilly way with this tribute to well-rounded girls in pin-up greatness cooking up something hot and awesome. There's not enough celebration of the curvaceous in mainstream music these days, but Heat makes it happen in spades.

Shearwater, "I Luv The Valley OH!" Jonathan Meiburg really pulls off something special in this odd science fiction adventure set to his "I Luv The Valley OH!" and directed with great effect by Branan Edgens. It follows Meiburg and Wei-Yin Lin as two astronauts that crash land on a desert planet. Lin's suit is badly damaged, and despite Meiburg's best efforts to save her he is forced to leave her behind for a strange and beautiful death.

The sudden effects-laden end of her life is wonderful and terrifying to behold, and Meiburg keeps it all pulsing with the fevered frenzy of his song. I can't tell if it's an ode to never forgetting or a plea for letting go, but set with such an epic visual journey it can be anything it wants to be.

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Lucius, "Tempest" I can definitely say that Lucius' "Tempest" is my favorite song this week. The video is a fairly standard "throw-weird-stuff-on-the-screen" affair, but because of the band's nature it manages to become something really rather inventive.

Lucius' real strength is their ability to craft really catchy nonsequitur lyrics that lead you down mental rabbit holes, which allows you to weave in and out the odd bit of performance art they unleash here. It is literally like watching their words take human form. While it doesn't necessarily lend itself to a film narrative, it is in fact a really perfect expression of the tune.

By the way, Lucius will be in town on January 26 at Fitzgerald's, so you can check how the video matches up to what they do live!

REWIND: Music Video Roundup From Two Weeks Ago

Jon D, "Mechanical Heart" Jon D has an easy acousti-pop style that I pretend to loathe but secretly love because it's really, really happy music. His first original music video is a pretty good idea, as he attempts to grow his very own girl from a magic formula in a jar.

It's a little saccharine, and frankly there's not quite enough going on to really make it gripping, but Jon's Muppet-like charm and the power of his pop are enough to forgive him the flaws in his first effort. Keep an eye on this one, he'll be making some waves one day.

Jef has a new story, a tale of headless strippers and The Rolling Stones, available now in Broken Mirrors, Fractured Minds. You can also connect with him on Facebook.


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