Voting Open in Skyline Network's Sammy Awards

It’s time once again (the second time, specifically) to vote for your favorite bands, bars and venues on a blog that’s not our own. The local “Party! Call Me!” crew behind

The Skyline Network

opened the primaries for its Sammy Awards. This first phase is an open primary where you nominate picks for standard categories such as favorite band, album, venue, bar, etc. But there's also quirky awards such as “Favorite WTFers” and “Favorite Thing Ever.”

“As life goes on, things are taken away from you. One of those things is the ability to both vote in and be a candidate for Popularity Contests," explains Skyline editor adr. "That's why we created the Sammies, so that good looks, sharp attire and complete sentences is something that all of us can be judged on, not just presidential candidates.”

“Or (truth) It just seemed like something fun to do, and 'cause we knew how funny it would be to see Mark C. Austin nominate The Tontons in every category," confides adr. "[And] because we knew how funny it would be to see B L A C K I E's fans nominate him in every category, including best Happy Hour Bar... JOAX!"

The open nominations close Thanksgiving Day, and the votes will be tallied for the final ballot, which closes December 17. Winners will be announced two days later. Let's give adr the last word, shall we?

"Mark your calendars! December 19th is the date when we’ll reveal the winners (by day) and then live it up (by night). We promise no live bands, no loud DJs, no EMCEEZ, no awards presentations. Just good times and free stuff! WE LOVE YOU, WE GIVE YOU FREE STUFF?”

Party. - Dusti Rhodes

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