Vulcho Bonev: God Is Right, And Also Funky As Hell

Every day Rocks Off trolls the tubes of you in search of videos to share. If you have something that you think deserves to be video of the day, send a link to jef_rouner at yahoo dot com.

Rocks Off cannot believe it's possible, but the daily videos for this week have been a perfect streak of win! Not a fail among them. So as we close out our most awesome week ever here, we leave you with the embodiment of excellent weirdness, Vulcho Bonev from Costa Mesa, Calif.

Bonev calls himself a funk artist, as good a description as any. Personally, we think that his video for "God is Right" owes a lot to Front 242's "Welcome to Paradise." Any artist who manages to link God with Devo in a song probably deserves fame, fortune, and pinball machines. And while the song alone is fantastic, the video is simply epic.

Nothing makes Rocks Off happier than ordinary people with green-screen technology. Now warping the laws of physics and faith are no longer the sole domain of James Cameron and those MTV guys. Few have done it better than Bonev.

Enjoy yourself, and drop us a line when you get back from whatever wacky, bizarro world that "God is Right" transports you to.

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