Waco Man Finds Devo Billboard Offensive To God, Himself

We know, we know. It reads like one of the The Onion's "Area Man..." headlines. Hat tip to our sister music blog up in Dallas, DC9 At Night, who showed us this promotional video for Devo's first album in a decade, Something For Everybody, which was released Tuesday.

The band's meticulously-researched formula found that most people are attracted to the color blue, soft textures, family comfort and sexiness. The end result was a bizarre billboard we're not even sure we would endorse, were it not for the familiar Devo planter hat.

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If you're interested in what it's like to record an album in the studio with Devo, don't miss this delightfully bizarre video they made with The Daily Swarm a few months ago. And if you aren't into their studio process, well, here's a picture of Mark Mothersbaugh with a rather obese pug.

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