Waka Flocka Flame Needs to Stay Away From EDM

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Electronic dance music genre is corrupting trap music, and this trend is driving me bonkers. It's worse than any country/rap collaboration ever made.

The mix of electronic and/or dubstep and Southern rap music is not a good blend. It's gotten so bad that poor Waka Flocka Flame barely even knows he's a rapper anymore. He recently stated in an interview with Artisan News that he is not a fan of hip-hop and doesn't even know where it started.

"I want to tap into house. electric, EDM. I don't want to be stuck in a refrigerator," Flocka said.

Well, that's perfectly fine to not know the history. He's threatened to quit rap before because he thought the industry was fake; however, putting out an entire EDM album is such a drastic decision. While he has done other efforts to break the stereotypes and avoid being boxed in, I still think EDM is not the right way to go.

First he breaks dozens of hearts by leaving Gucci Mane's Bricksquad label and now he doesn't like hip-hop?

Being fed up with rap and the music industry is understandable. Nas once made a song titled "Hip-Hop is Dead" -- that's fine; we get it. Stepping out into other genres with rap is cool too. Rock and rap, pop and rap even jazz and rap are great.

EDM is just not a good mixer for the trap style of rap that Waka Flocka gives us. I know it's a trend and it's being done with bounce music and by other rappers like A$AP Rocky, but I'm a bit nervous about this working for Waka Flocka an entire EDM album.

This is the same guy who makes "drug dealing music," which is why many fans fell in love with him. Also, strippers can't dance to electronica -- could you imagine hearing something like "Round of Applause" with a techno beat attached to it? Yuck.

Waka Flocka is making shit more awkward than the time Michael Jordan stopped playing basketball to play baseball. Remember how bad he sucked at baseball? I know those checks may look a bit nicer when you cross over to other genres, but Flocka, can you please chill?

As for Diplo, Skrillex and you other EDM guys, please stay away from Jeezy. That's where I draw the line.

Jeezy performs tonight at the Arena Theatre, 7326 Southwest Fwy.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.